Bruce and Karen's Excellent Adventure

MEDITERRANEAN SUMMERS: How a Man, a Woman and a Dog Spent Eight Summers Exploring the Ancient Sea in a Small Boat

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by Karen Heath Clark

To see more details about Avanti’s Mediterranean Adventure, and also about the author’s new adventures on the power catamaran that she and her husband bought to cruise the American East Coast, click on the links to the left.

Buy a boat in the Mediterranean and cruise for one year, or two, or maybe eight? What an impractical, almost outlandish, idea. At least that’s what Karen, the author, and her husband, Bruce thought. Not only did they know nothing about power boats, but there were no resources available to provide advice or guidance. They were harried professionals, ready to give up their careers for a new adventure, so they continued to pursue the idea. Their plans and schemes didn’t seem real until that sunny morning when they disembarked, along with their lovable little black dog, Roka, from the taxi that brought them from the Palma, Mallorca airport to their newly purchased 10-year-old trawler, Avanti. This is their story, a story about their travels throughout the Mediterranean on Avanti, together with the detailed advice they wished they’d had when planning their adventure.

The book is for those who love travel, boating, adventure, Europe, history or dogs, or all of the above. The eight-summer adventure meanders through the Mediterranean, from Spain, through France, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Turkey and North Cyprus, and describes the joys of visiting the ancient ports of the Mediterranean by sea. Enjoy the charms (and ridiculous problems) of Greek island ports, the peace of quiet nights at anchor in picturesque coves, and the raucous energy of the ultimate metropolitan seaport, Barcelona. Suffer through the traumas of unexpectedly rough seas and the recurring problems of breaking boat parts, especially toilets. Absorb ancient and medieval European history in a way not possible by land and find that, when approached from the sea, the most memorable towns are often ones you’ve never heard of. Fall in love with sweet Roka as she spends her Avanti summers meeting mozzarella buffalos and wandering donkeys, and vigilantly searching for rats (she found none) while she develops a growing fear of cats after several aggressive feline attacks. Discover the different perceptions of dogs in different countries - adoration and serial petting by dog-loving French and Italians and revulsion or merely a cold shoulder from cat-loving Greeks.

The book chronicles an adventure both comfortable and reasonably priced, with days or weeks spent idling in colorful ports, exploring ancient towns and outdoor markets and eating at port-side restaurants.

The practical advice is aimed at boaters who yearn for adventure and comfort without going broke. The chapter on costs explain how this idyllic life is within the reach of most budgets – you need only an adventurous soul and some practical know-how.

You’ll learn the best (and worst) countries for boating, the most colorful ports to visit, and where the winds and seas are most friendly. You’ll learn details on how to plan a similar trip, including advice on buying a boat in Europe, dealing with sticky issues that must be resolved before leaving, the unanticipated surprises that will hit you, and what to expect as a day-to-day routine. Plus, the book provides a details necessary for taking your pet along, and why it’s a wonderful idea.

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